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Reduta Friends

Reduta FriendsReduta FriendsReduta FriendsReduta Friends

Reduta Friends is all about shopping and fun. The new loyalty program for Atrium Reduta shopping centre allows customers to generate rewards and special offers by doing more shopping. Together with Atrium Real Estate we developed the concept, branding and visual identity of the loyalty program Reduta Friends.


Skanska with Brand Hero

Skanska with Brand HeroSkanska with Brand HeroSkanska with Brand Hero

Building a better Warsaw. Skanska, one of the world’s top developers, famed for their quality and reliability, has been developing in Poland for the last 20 years.

Brand Hero has joined forces with Skanska to promote one of their key developments in Warsaw, Atrium 2. A modern, class A office building located in the heart of Warsaw. Over the last 7 months we have been working hard preparing a wide spectrum marketing campaign which consists of a 3 minute film, billboards, a 100 page book, brochures, press ads, direct mailer, a starter pack box ‘a taste of Atrium 2’ all of which lead to the new Atrium 2 website.

This joint co-operation allowed us to bring out the attributes of the surrounding area in which Atrium 2 is located and really give our potential tenants an opportunity to experience a taste of the daily lifestyle at Atrium 2.


The new hero among us

The new hero among us



We have the pleasure to announce that our Brand Hero team has welcomed a new member, Olga Karasińska!

Olga’s special ability is numbers! She has 9 years experience in advertising, over 90 clients in her portfolio, hundreds of realised campaigns and thousands of emails liaising with clients.

Olga will be working energetically in client service and ensuring strong client agency relationships.May the force be with her!


Borrow Wisely!

Borrow Wisely!Borrow Wisely!Borrow Wisely!Borrow Wisely!Borrow Wisely!

Irresponsible and unregulated borrowing of money plagues the developing countries of Asia and Europe.
The mix of illegitimate financial institutions and ill-informed customers is a recipe for financial disaster.
Our client the Microfinance Centre has taken on the task to promote wise borrowing throughout these troubled regions.

Brand Hero together with Cook Communications prepared a two phase international campaign spanning across
12 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia & Tajikistan) targeting loan officers and the general public. The message was communicated in a simple, legible and humorous way. The results of the campaign are published here.

19.09.2014 is Poland’s most popular job search portals. regularly introduces new tools to help job seekers
and employers. One of these tools is their ‘Przewodnik Pracodawcy’ meaning ‘Employers guide’. This guide allows potential candidates to browse articles and profiles of potential employers and help them with their job search.

Together with our partner company Kiss Digital we prepared an extensive informative campaign about
the ‘Przewodnik Pracodawcy’. The campaign consisted of a film, launch page and e-mailing.


Branding Ambio

Branding AmbioBranding AmbioBranding Ambio

Over the last few months we have been working on the entire packaging re-design of Ambio. We re-created the brand starting from the logo through to all the categories and now our working on some new secret projects for our client in the Netherlands CEPD N.V.


Brand Hero for Eli Lilly

Brand Hero for Eli LillyBrand Hero for Eli LillyBrand Hero for Eli LillyBrand Hero for Eli Lilly

Brand Hero came to the rescue and helped Eli Lilly in preparing all the communication materials for their entire warsaw office relocation action. The aim of this task was to help the 80 employees with the transition to the
new office. Brand Hero prepared a series of aids which helped the transition occur smoothy and stress free.


Brand Hero for Klinkier Bud

Brand Hero for Klinkier Bud

This May Brand Hero launches an extensive radio and internet campaign for Klinkier Bud. The aim of the campaign
is to build brand awareness and inform the audience about the extensive range of products available.

Parallel to the Kinkier Bud campaign we are running another campaign for Klinkier Bud Developer. This is a promotional campaign for three completed developments in Poland.

We have also created a new, improved website for our client which will be live shortly.


It’s gold!

It’s gold!It’s gold!It’s gold!It’s gold!

IT’S GOLD! & Bronze!

We have the pleasure to announce that Brand Hero has won a gold prize and bronze prize in the prestigious international Brands of the World logo competition. This is a great honor for us because we believe that our image and our work is a reflection of the quality we can offer our clients. When this is recognised globally its shows that all the hard work payed off.


Brand Hero for Syria

Brand Hero for Syria

Brand Hero to the rescue! A international medical students initiative ‘Situation Syria’ was in need of help creating a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the domestic crisis in Syria.

Brand Hero gladly supported the organisation and created the branding and all the materials used in the campaign
pro bono. The money collected will be used to support the efforts of the ‘Doctors without Borders’ fighting to save the thousands of people injured and homeless from the civil war.

The logo represents the country being torn by civil conflict and allows for us, people of the 1st world to help Syria pick up the pieces and become whole again.


Greetings from Paris

Greetings from ParisGreetings from ParisGreetings from Paris

Europe has always had an undeniable dominance in the fashion industry. Especially, in the field of new style. So if a new trend appear in fashion, it’s always Paris. Street fashion always from London, and fashion experiments often come from Tokyo.

The world is like a global village, and a little bit of European chic can easily be transferred successfully
to anywhere, even Australia!
We helped  create an image
for a Melbourne boutique
‘From Paris with Love’.


A cloud solution

A cloud solution
A cloud solution

Firstly – introduce yourself. A good first impression is the start of any good business practise and your logo is that symbol that represents your business.

Brand Hero began working with Delphis – a young and rapidly growing company – specializing in the implementation of cloud solutions for corporate customers.

Our team developed the logo and Corporate Identity for Delphis.

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